Suggested Procedures During and After a Health Concern

Whether it is a first conversation or a project currently in progress, setting some new procedures for you and your team for during and after a local, state or federal health concern can only help your business reputation today and in the future. NARI has complied this list as a helpful resource from other NARI professionals, CDC and other government orders.

These are suggestions, helpful hints and practices being used by fellow members. CDC and government orders prevail. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.

Start by developing a standard company message for customers in case they ask. Such as:

We are monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and government policies to ensure we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s health and safety in serving our customers. We’re following CDC guidelines including:

Washing our hands often with soap and/or using disinfectant hand sanitizer, when available.
Ensuring we are covering any cough or sneeze.
Keeping a safe distance from people – social distancing rules of six feet.
Cleaning frequently touched surfaces.
Scheduling Job Site Visits

Do your customers even know if you are open for business? Let them know if it’s business as usual or if you’re making changes. Although you will need to update your message as this is a fluid issue, customers will appreciate the candor and transparency. Use your email list, website and social media to communicate accordingly.
If you are willing to make customer visits and it is acceptable by government orders, confirm that the customer is comfortable with you visiting their home/office, continuing their project or starting a project.
Offer alternative meetings via telephone or video conferencing for initial consultations, planning meetings or production meetings.
Plan future projects via email, drop box, google docs or other document and image sharing technologies.
If a project is delayed due to government regulations, illness (contractor or customer) or if a customer prefers to delay work until a later date, ensure the contracted project end date is adjusted and signed off by both parties accordingly.
Preparing for home/office visits or work:

Communicate with the customer if anyone on the team is ill and reschedule for a later date.
Ask the customer for mutual communication and to inform you if anyone at their home or office is sick, has been impacted by the health concern through contact with someone with a confirmed case or has a confirmed case themselves.
Bring hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, face masks, booties and other applicable PPE.
If possible, wipe down the surfaces of items you will be bringing into the home (material and tools)
Customer home/office visit:

Knock/Ring Doorbell/at reception desk and step back six feet.
Ideally apply hand sanitizer to hands within view of customer to re-ensure your business is in compliance with CDC guidelines.
Refrain from shaking hands and stand or sit six feet from customer. Simply politely remind customers we are practicing social distancing guidelines at this time.
If you sense discomfort, be open to rescheduling. Use good judgment.
During visit:

Be conscious of what you are handling/touching.
Be conscious of the health/hygiene of those in the home. If you are concerned, politely offer to reschedule.
If you are leaving information behind, just put it on the table or counter don’t try to hand items to the customer.
If a project is in progress, and you have a job site restroom use agreement to use the homeowners restroom, confirm that is still ok with customer. As always, if using restroom facilities, wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.
If the customer becomes concerned, offer to reschedule.

As applicable, wipe down surfaces that were handled by you and other co-workers.
If the customer is home, communicate progress of the day and next steps – will we be back tomorrow?
Refrain from shaking hands. For existing jobs of multiple days, follow the same set of procedures each day.
Please contact the municipality by which your project is in and confirm what the permitting and inspection procedures are. Again, keep mind these may change daily based on new CDC or government orders.

Please note, these are suggestions, helpful hints and practices being used by fellow NARI members. CDC and government orders prevail. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.

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