NARI Member Supports Environment and Country

Long-time NARI Member, Sibco Building Products, not only supports the local remodeling community but they support the environment and those who support our country.

In 2021, the company decided to do more than internal recyclying efforts but take steps to recycle externally and bring their efforts to their customers. They placed two large dumpsters outside their docks.

Dumpster 1 is for constructions debris that cannot be recycled and dumpster 2 is for cardboard recycling.

In addition, they are accepting scrap vinyl that their contractor customers have left over from job sites. This scrap vinyl will then be run thru a machine they have built which will regrind it into small pieces. These small pieces can then be easily stored and transported to a recycler to be used in another form.

This process keeps excess amounts of cardboard and vinyl out of landfills.

Sibco doesn’t charge their customers for this service, only requiring them to sort their recyclables by cardboard, construction materials or scrap vinyl and place the materials in the proper dumpster.

The Sibco team encourages their customers to recycle and will continually promote recycling programs to contractors and homeowners to help our environment.

In another step to honor our country, Sibco wanted to show their appreciation for the men and women who serve. They have erected a 50′ tall flag pole in front of their building along with installing a 50″ monitor over their front door. The flag pole will always have the American Flag proudly displayed while the monitor runs a continuous loop of the names of those in the remodeling industry whom have or are serving.

To have someone’s name listed, a contractor simply needs to let a Sibco team member know of the person’s name and the service he or she served. Currently there are nearly 100 names scrolling. Whether the person is a customer or not doesn’t matter - the issue is that the individual is serving our country and are in the remodeling industry’s family and Sibco Building Products wants to show their appreciation.

Miami Valley NARI encourages members to utilize the services of other NARI members. For more information about Sibco Building Products, contact Gary Lytle at (937) 224-1036 or [email protected]

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