Miami Valley NARI's New Member

Please join us in welcoming Albrecht Wood Interiors, Inc. as the newest member to the Miami Valley NARI family. Proprietors John and Cindy Albrecht have been providing professional contractor and cabinetry services for the Dayton area since 1990. Visit and take a gander at a few of the fine projects this group is proud to present. Please stop by their showroom at 63 Compark Drive in Centerville and welcome John and his team whenever the opportunity arises. Welcome aboard Albrecht's!


Membership Meeting June 10, 2024

Leading Your Business Into Retirement

Presented by Brian Schlosser 


 Sales lead times are long.  Competitors are bidding jobs with no margin.  Overall demand for your service is down.  Customers are paying late.  Suppliers are not extending credit.  We could go on all day.  Times are tough.  Retirement?  Are you kidding? 
Now is the time to rebuild your business from the ground up.  Brian will be discussing practical steps on how to lead your business and your people to your goal of financial security and success.  
The breakfast will take place at the Ramada Plaza North on Wagner Ford Road. Registration, Networking and Breakfast begin at 7:30 a.m. with the program from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Registration fees are $10.00 for certified professionals, $20.00 for non-certified members and $30.00 for non-members. Register online at or call (937) 222-6274 and RSVP today! 


EPA RRP Rule Certification June 15, 2010


Miami Valley NARI has another class for the EPA's RRP Rule Certification scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, 2010.  This class will be instructed by William Menrath, MS.  If you or your firm is not yet certified, here is an opportunity. The class will take place from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Ramada Plaza North on Wagner Ford Road.  The cost of the class is $179.00 for member companies or $229.00 for non-member companies.
EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Final Rule (40 CFR 745) requires that renovations conducted for compensation, must be performed by Certified Firms using Certified Renovators. Renovation firms that wish to work in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must apply to the EPA and pay a fee in order to become certified. Renovators seeking to become Certified Renovators must successfully complete an EPA-accredited renovator course or a course accredited by an EPA-authorized State or Tribe. This course is the EPA model course for Certified Renovators and as such meets all requirements in 40 CFR 745.90. This course will teach attendees how to comply with the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule and the HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule, and how to perform lead-safe work practices safely and effectively. Once you have successfully completed a Certified Renovator Initial Course, delivered by an EPA-accredited training provider, you will be an EPA Certified Renovator. EPA Certified Renovator status will allow you to do lead-safe renovation, repair, and painting work in pre-1978 housing and in child- occupied facilities where work will disturb lead-based paint.
The class is limited to 24 students and will fill up quickly.  Please call (937) 222-6274 to register or go to


Breakfast on the Level

July 8, 2010

With summer just beginning, fireplaces are the furthest thing from most people's minds.  However those wanting to remodel or purchase items on sale are thinking about them and the folks from Hamilton Parker are going to help you be informed about what products are out there and how to determine which is best for each customer.

Please join Lori Ring and Steve Watters of Hamilton Parker as they will be discussing the different options of fireplaces that are available, including some that are "earth friendly" and the values of each based on customer need, position in the home, and installation potential. You will be surprised what little we actually know about fireplaces, their uses and their many advantages.

The breakfast will take place at the Ramada Plaza North on Wagner Ford Road. Registration, Networking and Breakfast begin at 7:30 a.m. with the program from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Registration fees are $10.00 for certified professionals, $20.00 for non-certified members and $30.00 for non-members. Register online at or call (937) 222-6274 and RSVP today!


Happy Hour

July 16, 2010 

Sponsored by HouseTrends Magazine


Please join us for Miami Valley NARI's next "Happy Hour" social event. Housetrends Magazine is hosting the get-together at Thai 9 located in Dayton's Historic Oregon District. Food and beverages will be provided by HouseTrends. 

Come on in and relax! Visit with old friends you haven't seen in awhile and new friends you haven't met yet. What better way to close out the week than to hang out with your favorite NARI pals?

Don't forget to visit with Evelyn Yaus to discuss your current and future advertising needs in Dayton's premier remodeling publication.

RSVP by contacting the Miami Valley NARI Office at (937) 222-NARI or online at


Art Museum Showcases Firm's Design Capabilities 

By Morgan Zenner

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) is well-known in the art-focused community of Madison, WI. In an effort to raise funds to support MMoCA's exhibition and education programs, the museum embarked on its second year of Design MMoCA, which features the area's top designers and architectural firms as they create a room display based on a painting found in the museum's permanent art collection.

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How to Nail the Five-Minute Pitch

By Chuck Dietrich

Startup CEOs wear many hats. None, perhaps, is more important than that of "company pitchman."

In today's competitive funding climate, CEOs often present at events like Under the Radar, South by Southwest, and DEMO -- where they have five minutes on stage to 'sell' their company to potential investors, partners, and customers. Getting these presentations right leads to financing, buzz and growth; getting them wrong doesn't.

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Workshops Demonstrate Expertise and Expand Your Market

By Morgan Zenner


Bruce Petersen of Hellenbrand Glass LLC in Madison, WI, turned his love of history and architecture into an in-demand window consultancy service specializing in historic preservation.
Petersen was contacted by a colleague who was involved in a grassroots home preservation effort in Chicago to host a workshop about how to care for and maintain historic windows. But his presence at the event turned out to be more than a charitable contribution-it resulted in new business and an expanded market share.

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NARI National


NARI National will be conducting their 2010 Fall Business Meeting, October 6-9th in Charlotte, NC. The details and agenda for the meeting have yet to be determined. To keep up to date with the program visit


Should anyone have an interest in attending or have item(s) which they would like a Miami Valley NARI delegate to address, please call 222-NARI or email [email protected].


Combine Social Media and E-Mail Marketing

By Gail Goodman 


Right now online, your customers, clients, members and prospects are chatting up a storm. Whether they're tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, uploading YouTube videos or commenting on blogs, they're out there engaging in conversations and sharing information that's relevant to your business or cause.

Are you a part of that conversation?

If you're not, you may be missing out on opportunities to extend your marketing reach. Social media sites offer new ways to share your content, grow your audience and build customer relationships. In tandem with e-mail, they create a powerful marketing mix.

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June 2, 2010





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