Members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry shall observe the highest standards of integrity, frankness, and responsibility in dealing with the public, adhering to the following principles:

  • Making, in all advertising, only those statements which are accurate and free of capacity to mislead or deceive the consumer.
  • Requiring all sales representatives to be accurate in the description of products/services.
  • Discouraging any basis of compensating a sales representative, which permits him to charge unreasonable prices.
  • Writing all contracts so that they are unambiguous and fair to all concerned.
  • Promptly fulfilling all contractual obligations.
  • Refraining from statements that disparages or attacks directly or by implication the merchandise prices or services of competitors.
  • Accurately describing advertised items or offers. They shall not create the impression that what is being offered is larger, or other than what it is in fact the case.
  • Not attempting to include a breach of contract between competitors or their consumers.
  • Not imitating trademarks, trade name, labels, brands or other distinctive words, phrases or marks of competitors with the capacity or tendency to mislead or deceive the customer.
  • Performing all work in a matter compatible with recognized standards of public health, safety, and applicable laws.

Miami Valley NARI's Complaint Review Committee meets monthly and the goal of the committee is to provide a forum for homeowners or businessowners to air differences and resolve issues amicably. If you have a complaint regarding a member of Miami Valley NARI, please take a moment to complete the following on-line form or download for completion at your convenience. Please attach a copy of the project contract and any other documentation you have to support your complaint. As soon as we receive your form, the process will begin. We will contact the NARI member and request information from the company so that both sides of the issue are reviewed.

It is our hope that all matters are resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties. If your complaint is on a non-member, the complaint will remain on file, should the company apply for membership.

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