Chief Architect
Training Seminar
March 24-25, 2004
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Fees cover two-day instruction, refreshments (beverages only) and use of software. Registrant supplied laptops must be at least Windows 98 compatible with a 400 MHz processor or larger, have at least 800 MB of available hard disk space for a full installation, 64 MB of RAM or more, a CD-ROM drive, a 2-button mouse supported by Windows, a color monitor which supports 16 bit color in a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or greater and a video card which supports OpenGL.

If multiple people from the same company will be attending, please fill out a separate form for each person.
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Fees NARI Member Non-NARI Member
Registrant with Supplied Laptop  $595.00 each    $765.00 each    None
    Second/Third Person From Same Firm  $545.00 each  $715.00 each  None
Registrant with NARI Supplied Laptop  $735.00 each  $905.00 each  None
    Second/Third Person From Same Firm  $685.00 each  $855.00 each  None

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