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BWC Payroll Report Filing Deadline

Published on October 21, 2023
Remodeling and Home Design

Businesses in Ohio should be aware that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has recently transitioned to its new prospective premium payment system.  The BWC is providing a ‘Transition Credit’ in place of your January through June 2015 premium payment.  

In order to receive the credit, businesses needed to file a payroll report for the January – June, 2015 period with BWC by August, 31, 2015.  Businesses that did not file the payroll report, had the premium for that period estimated and the BWC invoiced them on October 1, 2015. 

There is still time to resolve the issue. You can use the BWC website ( and click on ‘Report & Pay’) to report the actual payroll for the referenced period. Note: you are simply reporting the payroll, and if done by October 30, you will not need to make a premium payment for that payroll period.  Once reported BWC will reverse the estimated premium, post the actual premium and post the transition credit to eligible policies. 

It is imperative that you report this actual payroll by October 30th.  Businesses that do not resolve this reporting issue timely: 

If you have recently supplied the payroll to BWC, and fulfilled your requirement, please disregard this letter. 

Please send any question to BWC directly at [email protected] or contact your BWC Business Consultant.